8 Frequently Asked Laser Hair Removal Questions, Including Why Winter is Laser’s Best Season!

8 frequently asked laser hair removal questionsDoes laser hair removal still seem magical & mysterious to you? If only you had NYC’s best hair removal professionals to answer all of your very hairy questions (cough* Shobha*cough)…

Wait – you do!  We put bets that if you keep reading we’ll answer at least one (if not many) of your questions about getting lasered.

Plus, if you make it to the end, you’ll learn why it’s best to start laser treatments now!

#1 Q: What type of laser is used at Shobha?

A: After researching, human guinea pigging & discovering that not all lasers have been created equal, we opted for the best of the best – the Cynosure Elite+! Our laser equipment offers both the Yag & the Alex lasers, as well as a cooling device to provide the most effective results for the broadest range of skin & hair types, including even darker complexions!

All of our Shobha Laser Specialists are licensed & have received 100+ hours of training to ensure you receive a safe & effective treatment every.single.time.

#2 Q: Do you offer any laser specials?

A: The short answer is YES!  Check out this blog post dedicated to saving money on laser à http://tinyurl.com/savemoneyonlaser

#3 Q:  What Shobha locations offer laser?

A: Shobha Laser Treatments are available for face & body (including the bikini area) now at Shobha SoHo, Shobha Columbus Circle & Shobha Dupont Circle. Stay tuned as we have plans to expand to other locations as well! Email us at thoughts@myshobha.com if there is a specific one you want!

#4 Q: I have my first laser appointment tomorrow for the bikini area, what should I do before my visit to prepare?

A: Shave the night before or the morning of, as it’s always best to shave the area within the 24 hours before your appointment. And remember, the closer the shave the better. For bikini services, leave the any areas where you want to leave hair unshaven.

#5 Q: What can I expect after my first treatment?

A: Laser hair removal is a great way to reduce hair growth for the long haul, eliminate targeted hairs for good, take care of bumps & ingrowns & have stubble-free smooth skin. After your first treatment you will notice the hairs start to fall out over the next 5-30 days. This will happen gradually. After the first 48 hours we recommend exfoliating to help along the process, using a washcloth or Shobha® Exfoliating Cloth on the area when bathing & shaving.

#6 Q: Why do I need multiple sessions?

A: Humans are hairy! There are approximately 3,000 hair follicles per every inch of the body. Fortunately, not all of your hairs are active. With laser, you’ll need multiple sessions to get the most effective results as the hairs need to be in the active hair growth phase (anagen phase) to be targeted, which varies hair to hair. Since not all of your hairs will be in the anagen phase at the same time (even if you see an actual hair) it is important to receive multiple treatments for the same area.

#7 Q: I have always wanted to permanently remove the hair, but I’ve heard that laser doesn’t work on blonde hair. Is this true?

A: While we do use the industry leading, top-of-the-line laser equipment specifically for hair removal, it is true that some hair colors are not able to be treated effectively (e.g., platinum blonde, white, grey & some strawberry blonde shades). To properly assess if laser would be a good option for you, we suggest you come in for a FREE, 15-minute consultation. Simply schedule your visits at myshobha.com or give us a ring 212.931.8363.

*****Question of The Season****

#8 Q: When is the best time to start my laser treatments?

A: Late fall & winter are the best times to rev up your laser sessions if one of your summer goals is super smooth skin for carefree, scantily-clad days. During these colder months you won’t have to be as strategic about your sunbathing routine which leaves more time & flexibility for your new laser regimen. (Side note: if you have sun exposure, we have to go easier on the laser levels to protect your skin, which means less effective treatments, more treatments – & thus more mullah.)

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