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#1 Find The Right Shape For Your Face

Just like blue complements orange, your brows should complement your face shape.

  1. Round vs. Angular-shaped faces
    • The rounder your face, the more arched & angular your brow shape should be.
    • The more angular your face, the more rounded & soft your brows shape should be.
  2. Long vs. Wide faces
    • If your face is longer, your brows should be more horizontal with a more distant arch that is closer to the tail of the brows.
    • If your face is wider, your brows can help lengthen your face with a higher, more centered arch.

#2 Know Your Face

Your strongest features can help determine which brow shape is the best for you & give you a more balanced look. Stronger doesn’t mean ugly – even though some folks might not like the fact that they have a big nose, a big chin, big eyes or big lips. Strong eyebrows can help by counterbalancing their other features, so that their face opens up & is looked at as a beautiful whole, instead of just noticing one predominant feature.

Face shapes

  1. Large eyes
    1. Thicker brows
    2. Deeper colored brows (fill them in with pencil/powder)
  2. Prominent (aka big) nose
    • Highly arched brows
    • Thicker brows
    • Deeper colored brows(fill them in with pencil/powder)
  3. Almond eyes
    1. More angled brows
    2. Thinner brows
  4. Pointed chin or large lips
    • Rounder brows
  5. High cheekbones
    • Highly arched brows
    • Brow tail pointing down
  6. Eyeglasses
    • Will overpower all other features, becoming your strongest feature.
    • Pick glasses that follow the line of your brows – so match your glasses to your brows & not the other way around.

#3 Know Your Own (Brow) Strength

In a nutshell, the stronger your features the stronger your brows should be, the more delicate your features the lighter & thinner your brows should be. Please note that stronger doesn’t mean better! Here are 3 quick questions to assess your brow strength:

  1. How close is your brow to your eye?
    • The closer your brow is to the eye, the stronger it will look.
    • Beware of over plucking & creating too much space between your eyes & your brows, it can weaken your look!
  2. How thick are your brows?
    • The thicker the brow, the stronger it will look.
    • Beware of super thick brows (I.E.,bushy, coarse or curly brows)- they can make your face look top heavy, so you might need to trim or thin them out to soften your true look.
  3. How dark are your brows?
    • The darker the brow, the stronger it will look.
    • When choosing a brow pencil or powder to fill in your brows go one shade lighter than the color of your brows for a more natural look.

#4 Make The Magic Happen

Put everything you learned about your face & your eyebrows in steps 1-3 to work!

  • See aShobha specialist for a threading treatment.
  • If you are grooming at home – first draw some guidelines with a brow pencil for the shape you are looking for avoid over tweezing.
  • Please don’t wax your brows, the skin is too delicate around the eyes!
Category: Brows

Brows can:

  1. Balance your other facial features
  2. Enhance your look, even without makeup
  3. Let your personality shine through

Common brows boo boos:

  1. Over tweezing or plucking
  2. Improper arch placement
  3. Too short
  4. Too thin

Interesting facts:

  1. The average person has approximately 250 hairs per eyebrow.
  2. Eyebrow hair grows differently than the rest of your body hair, & can grow 4 times slower than the hair on your scalp-so think carefully before you remove any of it!