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Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that creates the appearance of naturally full brows with hair-like strokes in the eyebrows to fill in any gaps, spaces or sparseness using tattoo pigments in a small tool with tiny blades. Best of all, this procedure by our highly-trained specialists delivers results that will last anywhere from one to three years!

Now imagine cutting your makeup routine in half by waking up with effortless full brows every day? If you’re anything like us, your morning routine consists of coffee, makeup & lots of emails. Although it’s not always in that order, we sometimes find ourselves spending most of our morning makeup routine filling and shaping our brows with brow pencils and pomades that aren’t sweat or smudge proof.

All Shobha microblading specialists are licensed & have received over 50+ hours of microblading technical training, have specialized brow shaping & technique expertise. We know you probably still have some questions, so we’ve answered them on our FAQs page!

Microblading ConsultationFree
Microblading Full – 3 Hours$600
Microblading Follow-up – 1 HourFree