New Silicone Makeup Sponge at Shobha SoHo!

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Major PSA**

The newest beauty tool sweeping the internet is right here at Shobha SoHo!!

If you haven’t heard, perhaps because you’ve been weathering winter under too many blankets, there’s a brand new beauty tool in town – & all of Twitter on the internet. Made completely of silicone, this applicator has makeup lovers everywhere dying to get their hands on it. Some of them are even resorting to extreme measures like using their bra inserts as a dupe (special thanks to nikkie tutorials’ #boobieblender tutorial). Ladies, save your “chicken cutlets” for what they are meant for, we’ve got the silicone magic right here at Shobha!

5 Reasons Why We Love This Silicone Sponge!

1. Since this mini makeup chicken cutlet (aka bra insert) is non-porous & made out of silicone, it does not soak up all 3 pumps of foundation we often generously use for our flawless face routines. Less makeup wasted = more money to buy more makeup!

2. It provides a super flawless finish when blending in cream or liquid products.

Pro-tip* If it makes a weird noise when patting it against your face, that means you’re doing it right! Using it in swiping motions may cause a streaky look (no bueno).

3. It only takes 5 second to clean with just soap & water or a makeup removing wipe. To our fellow clean freaks, you’ll save a ton of time vs. cleaning your brushes &/or beauty blender & have a germ-free application every time!

4. It fits easily in the palm of your hand. Super small in size, it takes up less space in our beauty bags & perfect for on-the-go situations like jet-setting to warmer places this winter (even if that’s just while day dreaming on your ride to the office).

5. It’s life time expectancy is over a year which is 4 times longer than its ever so popular rival, the beauty blender.

So no need to join that *out of stock* waiting list & pay extra for shipping; we’ve got them at Shobha SoHo along with other amazing natural beauty products that will transform your 2017 beauty routine.

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