Shobha Upper West Side Open as of 5/18/23

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SHOBHA UPPER WEST SIDE OPENS & COLUMBUS CIRCLE CLOSES 5/18 (2148 Broadway between 75th and 76th): It is our pleasure to announce the long-anticipated move from Columbus Circle to our new home on the Upper West Side! We know it was pretty sudden and we are sorry we couldn’t give more of a heads up as we would have liked. Please know, all your favorite Columbus Circle specialists (Shashi, Rizwana, Sovadevi, Nawina, Desai and Jamuna) can be found at our new home at 2148 Broadway. Appointments are available starting this past Thursday, 5/18/23. Book your visit here or on our Shobha app (available on iPhone and Android). We can’t wait to see you there!

ALREADY BOOKED? If you have your appointment booked at Columbus Circle we have moved you over to our new location for the same time, with the same specialist. Our scheduling team will reach out to you individually as well if they haven’t already! If that is not going to work for you and one of our other locations is more convenient at Soho, Williamsburg or Midtown East, please let us know!

SALON SCHEDULES: Appointment scheduling should be easy so here’s an easy reference to help find all the specialists you know and love. Here you’ll find all your favorite Shobha Specialists in alphabetical order by their first name along with their standard days and locations. Please be aware that schedules are subject to change so it’s still best to book appointments in advance.


The Shobha Team

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