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Like a mini-lasso, thread is twisted & pulled along hairs, lifting them out of the skin from the root. The Shobha method provides the precision needed for brow designing. It also allows your specialist to target even the tiniest of hairs on the face (i.e., peach fuzz). We will also thread any stray hairs during body treatments (there are no tweezers at Shobha!).

  • The ouch(less) factor. Threading is found by many to be much less painful than waxing an art of perfection. Threading is very precise & allows our specialists to have greater control over which hairs are removed au natural
  • Threading is 100% natural. There are no artificial waxes, chemicals, or invasive techniques used
  • Minimal redness. Any redness that may appear after threading usually subsides within an hour, so your beauty secrets stay secret!
  • Anti-acne. Most people who breakout from waxing tend to have much better results with threading. Also, threading is dermatologist-recommended for individuals who are currently using skin-thinning medications like Accutane & Retin-A.
  • Wrinkle prevention. Unlike waxing (that can tug, pull, stretch, & even remove the delicate skin on your face) which eventually facilitate the development of wrinkles, threading requires minimal contact with the skin.

Similar to the levels of hair stylists, our specialist levels are based on experience & expertise. While all of our level 1 specialists meet our service standards, our level 2 specialists have gone through additional training for brow design. Our level 2 specialists are also part of our quality assurance team, in which they provide training & mentoring for level 1 specialists.

Level 1 Prices

Brows$24$66 ($22 ea)$120 ($20 ea)
Lip$13$36 ($12 ea)$65 ($10.83 ea)
Chin$13$36 ($12 ea)$65 ($10.83 ea)
Ears$13$36 ($12 ea)$65 ($10.83 ea)
Cheeks$15$42 ($14 ea)$75 ($12.50 ea)
Forehead$15$42 ($14 ea)$75 ($12.50 ea)
Neck$15$42 ($14 ea)$75 ($12.50 ea)
Sideburns$21$60 ($20 ea)$105 ($17.50 ea)
Lower Face/Beard$42$117 ($39 ea)$210 ($35 ea)
Lower Face/Beard with Neck$54$150 ($50 ea)$270 ($45 ea)
Face$60$165 ($55 ea)$300 ($50 ea)
Face w/o Brows$48$132 ($44 ea)$240 ($40 ea)
Hands$24$66 ($22 ea)$120 ($20 ea)
Fingers$15$42 ($14 ea)$75 ($12.50 ea)
Unibrow$13$36 ($12 ea)$65 ($10.83 ea)

Level 2 Prices

Brows$36$99 ($33 ea)$180 ($30 ea)
Lip$15$42 ($14 ea)$75 ($12.50 ea)
Chin$15$42 ($14 ea)$75 ($12.50 ea)
Cheeks$18$51 ($17 ea)$90 ($15 ea)
Forehead$18$51 ($17 ea)$90 ($15 ea)
Neck$18$51 ($17 ea)$90 ($15 ea)
Sideburns$24$66 ($22 ea)$120 ($20 ea)
Lower Face/Beard$54$150 ($50 ea)$270 ($45 ea)
Lower Face/Beard with Neck$69$192 ($64 ea)$345 ($57.50 ea)
Face$84$228 ($76 ea)$420 ($70 ea)
Face w/o Brows$60$165 ($55 ea)$300 ($50 ea)
Hands$36$99 ($33 ea)$180 ($30 ea)
Fingers$18$51 ($17 ea)$90 ($15 ea)
Brows (Trim Only)$18$51 ($17 ea)$90 ($15 ea)
Unibrows$15$42 ($14 ea)$75 ($12.50 ea)