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Our packages will keep you & your appearance on a polished path! Each Shobha® 3-pack & Shobha® 6-pack has been designed to create a simple grooming regimen to ensure your upkeep with a bonus of savings! The more you buy, the more you save!

  • All packages can be purchased at all Shobha locations
  • They are available for all services (i.e., threading, sugaring, waxing, trimming)
  • Once purchased, your package info is stored electronically in our system
  • They can be used at any Shobha location
  • They are non-transferable (e.g, you are not able to share them with a friend)
  • They are non-refundable
  • Different rates apply for level 1 & level 2 specialists
  • Body & bikini packages may be used for both sugaring & waxing treatment (so you save even more when you sugar!)

Similar to the levels of hair stylists, our specialist levels are based on experience & expertise. While all of our level 1 specialists meet our service standards, our level 2 specialists have gone through additional training for brow design. Our level 2 specialists are also part of our quality assurance team, in which they provide training & mentoring for level 1 specialists.

Please review each service for a list of available packages.

Our Most Popular Packages

Brows (Level 1)$24$66 ($22 ea)$120 ($20 ea)
Lip (Level 1)$13$36 ($12 ea)$65 ($10.83 ea)
Brows (Level 2)$36$99 ($33 ea)$180 ($30 ea)
Lip (Level 2)$15$42 ($14 ea)$75 ($25 ea)
Bikini Sugar (Ladies)$60$150 ($270 ea)$270 ($45 ea)
Bikini Wax (Ladies)$54$150 ($50 ea)$270 ($45 ea)
Brazilian Sugar (Ladies)$72$183 ($61 ea)$330 ($55 ea)
Brazilian Wax (Ladies)$66$183 ($61 ea)$330 ($55 ea)
Full Back Sugar (Guys)$79$213 ($71 ea)$375 ($62.50 ea)
Full Back Wax (Guys)$75$213 ($71 ea)$375 ($62.50 ea)