How to Save Money on Laser

how to save money on laser hair removal

One of our most frequently asked question as of late is ‘What is laser & how does it work?’

Our reply?

Laser is life changing, period!

Laser gives the comfort of being able to wear whatever, whenever you want without questioning when the last time you went to Shobha for a wax.

In more technical terms, laser is a permanent form of hair reduction. It eliminates the targeted hairs for good, which also means it takes care of bumps & ingrowns (no hair, no hair to become ingrown – get it?!), leaving you with super smooth skin! From having a  hint of a lady-stache to an extended pubic hair region that has you sarong-ing all summer long, laser gives an instant boost of self-confidence – no hair, no feeling shameful hairiness. (Are you noticing a theme?)

First things first:

  • Remember, laser is life changing.
  • Laser is definitely a worthy investment (at least in our eyes).
  • Investments feel even better when you can maximize the value (i.e., most bang for your buck).

3 tips on how to save money on laser- the Shobha Way!

Tip 1: See one of our new Shobha Specialists

Save 20% off when booking your next laser service with Rizwana at Shobha Columbus Circle or Taru at Shobha SoHo (appointments available Tuesdays & Wednesdays only), visit our “News & Deals” page for constant updates on our new specialists:

Tip 2: Invest in a service package

Purchasing a laser 3-pack or 6-pack, when you buy services in these bundled options you’ll receive each laser service at a discounted rate per visit (a 10-20% savings)! Since you will typically need 6-10 treatments for the optimum results, we suggest starting with with a 6-pack – they are priced so that you pay for 5 & the 6th one is free. #yes

Tip 3: Volunteer as a hairy model

When you participate as a hairy model for our training &/or quality assurance dates, you can receive up to 50% off your laser service!

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