3 Must-Have Products For Your Flawless 2017 Face

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must have makeup products

Happy New Year!!!

We are so happy to be leaving 2016 behind us & ready to conquer 2017, starting by putting our best faces forward… literally. We’ve collected a few of our fave complexion products to help you show 2017 who’s boss (which you can grab at any Shobha Salon). Check them out down below!

cocokind organic chlorophyll mask

Every flawless face begins with healthy skin & the powdery goodness that is this product will surprise you & transform your skin in all of the right ways. Cocokind’s Organic Ultra Chlorophyll Mask is rich in antioxidants that are key to healthy & supple skin – without having to drink some scary, chalky-tasting, green juice! It even purifies the skin, unleashing your own radiant, natural glow.

All you need to do to activate the magic is add water – & like oatmeal you can have if your way – super thick or more on the liquidy side. We find, the thicker you make the mask, the tighter, more facelift-y effect you get, making it super good for oily skin! If you don’t find yourself constantly blotting your face for oil, or your skin is just a little drier these days – because winter – use less of the chlorophyll mask powder & more water to get the perfect consistency for normal to dry skin.

*Pro-Tip* Instead of adding water to make your mask mixture, you can add coconut water, honey, avocado or even milk for extra added benefits to your skin!

au naturale creme concealer

In order to take on 2017 equip yourself with a kick-ass foundation & concealer duo. Au Naturale’s Crème Concealer & Crème Foundation are designed to diffuse the appearance of blemishes, under-eye circles, hyperpigmentation all the while providing pure & natural coverage. Au Naturale also has a wide-array of colors for every skintone, which is pretty much the equivalent to finding a unicorn – naturally formulated makeup that works & isn’t just a handful of light to medium shades!? Yes.

Lastly, for our fellow ingredient-conscious folks, these products are formulated without gluten, parabens, fillers, animal by-products, synthetic preservatives or toxins. Double yes.

*Fun Fact* Because their products are all-natural & the longer you own the Au Naturale Crème Foundation the thicker & more full-coverage it becomes – hello two foundations for the price of one! Triple yes.

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