What Do You Know About The Hair Down There?

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Did you know

  1. …there’s a name for pubic hair fetish?  It’s true.  It’s called a hirsute fetish.  The adult entertainment world often references hirsute as a hairy vajayjay (or in my world “time to get a wax”). There’s plenty more colorful facts out there about hirsute… just google it (but maybe not while you’re at work…)
  2. …pubic hair is programmed to grow a certain amount?  Also true (thanks goo’ness!) yep. Your body is programmed to determine the growth time & length of your hair.
  3. …what a merkin is?  No, it’s not a knockoff designer bag, it’s a pubic hair wig!  True story.  Back in the day (1700s) mercury was used to treat bad-ass STDs like gonorrhea & syphilis.  One of the fab side effects of the mercury was baldness (so bye-bye pubes).  In hopes of disguising “party favors” (errr…. STDs) from a sexual past  you would simply slap one of these puppies in place et voila… who’s got syphilis now??  That’s truly unbeweavable to me.  Better yet you can still buy them today!

Pubic hair out – veronica

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