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If I were trapped on a deserted island (or trapped at my parents house for the weekend), the one thing that I would want to have with me at all times would be my iPhone. I am an iPhone app freak; I am obsessed with my phone.  & I am not ashamed to admit that. I download new apps about three times a week, & this week I went searching for the best free beauty apps that I could find so that I could share the wealth with you.

Here are my top three picks:

  1. Total Beauty: this app is actually a companion to the website, which lets readers post reviews about over 45,000 brands & search over 280,000 user reviews so that you can find that perfect mascara or the hottest fall eye shadow shades.
  2. The Organic Spa Magazine Skin Care Guide App is the resource for organic & natural beauty.  Check out the certification section of this app for a brief how-to on identifying certification labels & wording when buying green. Also, browse the “featured” section for a breakdown of the top organic beauty brands.
  3. The Beauty Tip App reminds me of those desk calendars of quotes that now come in every conceivable type & used to sit on my teacher’s desk in middle school. You can look up the beauty tip of the day with one quick download – or cheat & read several at once.

There are tons of other apps on beauty too! I am always searching for new ones, so if you have ideas, drop me a note!


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