Where The Heck Does All My Money Go?

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Have you ever looked at your bank account balance, had a mini-heart attack & wondered “Where the heck does all my money go?” I sat myself down & figured it out once and for all!

33% = Household expenses. My husband pays the rent & I pay for the cell phones, cable, electricity, heat & the groceries.

15% = Dining out/going out, which includes coffee in the morning.

12% = Kindle & iPhone app addiction! I know that I have a problem, but I’m not ready to get help yet. I’ll research 12 step programs later.

12% = Savings. My husband & I want to buy a house someday.

10% = Beautifying myself. It takes $ to be gorgeous!

8% = School loans, which I’ll be paying until I’m 90 years old, lol.

5% = My 401k plan.

5% = Metrocard.

Once I had that all sorted out, I decided to see where I could cut costs so that I can save more money. Here are some helpful tips that I learned:

  1. Ditch cable & turn to hulu.com & Netflix for all of my TV needs. (save:  up to $75 a month)
  2. Prepare coffee at home & skip the fancy coffeehouse. (save: up to $20 a week/$80 a month)
  3. Bring lunch from home instead of going out for lunch. (save: up to $50 a week/$200 a month)

Try these tips & see how much you can save!

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