Ungroomed Body Hair = Uncool

Doesn’t it seem like every celeb is freshly waxed or in the process of having their body hair removed? So many celebs are having their body hair removed, have already had hair removed or are talking about hair removal in open discussions.  They’re taking it all off!

Remember the scene in the movie the 40 Year Old Virgin where Steve Carell was having his chest waxed so that he could look sexy & more modern? Steve’s character needed some style updates, so friends advised him to lose the hairy chest before he frightened women with his bushy belly rug.

Times have changed.  Being hairy is just not sexy anymore.  Wild, wooly men looked “oohhh so sexy” in the movies back in 70’s & early 80’s (think super hairy Tom Selleck!).  Not anymore!  Being bald anywhere on your body today is sexy as opposed to back in the days when men would wear toupees to conceal shiny domes (Burt Reynolds- relinquish the road kill upon your head).

In today’s American entertainment culture, smooth rules (Tyrese!).  Being body hair-free is the way to look hot now.  So…get waxed!


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