Labor Day Getaway Essentials

It’s your last chance to have a summer 2010 getaway!

Here are a few things you may need to make your farewell to summer trip a success:

Going to the shore?

  • Plan now for your hair removal needs. A beach-ready bod best be hair-free.
  • Your Shobha bag – it’s light weight but sturdy so you won’t be adding extra poundage to your shoulders.
  • A bump-it – I’m totally kidding about this one. Unless you are from jersey. Then it’s a must-have
  • Shobha rosewater goodies
  • Jersey shore sticker activity book – again- you know if this applies to you.

Heading for the hills?

  • Shobha fresh face kit- you never know who you’re going to meet on the woodsy trails!
  • Insect repellent ( if you have time make your own! )
  • A canteen
  • Survival guide (hey you never know when you will get separated from the pack)
  • Odwalla bars (love the banana nut!) for hiking energy

No matter if you are a land lubber or a beach bum, make sure that you are prepared for fun.  Don’t lay on the beach with flat hair & short fingernails, & do not venture into the hills without all of your girl scout tools.

-pink dawn

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