Rosewater Revolution!

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Recently, Shobha launched two new members to the rosewater products family!

I am absolutely addicted & will soon need some rosewater rehab! I have found various ways to put my new obsessions to use:

Shobha® Rosewater Toner Mist:

  • A quick spritz on my face or neck for some serious cooling down.
  • As a all natural body spray/deodorant after bathing
  • As a delicious linen &  pj freshener (my hubby loves the scent!) 😉

Shobha® Rosewater Calming Gel:

  • As a gel face mask at bedtime
  • Après an icky subway ride, I freshen up with gel on my arms & legs
  • After getting my brows threaded, gel creates a protective shield over my open pores!

Buy them separately, or buy both rosebuddies as a set.  Of course, like everything from Shobha, the latest additions are paraben-free & made with real rose essential oil!

Xoxo & till’ next time,
Donna Difascino

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