Scrub Away Last Year, Bring In The New!

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Scrub away the troubles of 2016 & enter the new year as a new you! Our newest body scrub at Shobha will leave your skin soft, heavenly scented & extra supple to take on 2017. Let’s have a warm welcome to Bodhi Handmade Soap Scrubs!

In the short amount time that the Bodhi scrubs have joined the Shobha scrub squad, they’ve already become one of our favorite go-to scrubs. They are made with volcanic ash (aka pumice) so you are polishing your parts until you rinse (volcanic ash doesn’t dissolve away like salt or sugar). And they come in amazing scents such as plumeria, lemongrass & a lovely lavender!

Be sure to snag one before our holiday promo is over & get a $20 Shobha Reward every $100 spent until 12/31.

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