Exciting New Brow Products at Shobha!

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new brow products at shobha

Major PSA! We’ve got new brow products at Shobha that will take your brow game to the next level!

For all you natural ingredients-loving beauty junkies, we’ve got some amazing new brow goodies in our Shobha Salons! So next time you’re in for an appointment, be sure to try out these new products – trust me your brows won’t regret it.  Keep scrolling to find out the goodness behind these new brow gems.

ecobrow defining brush and wax

ecobrow defining wax

Embrace your inner Hollywood icon & her brows, with the ‘ladies’ of Ecobrow from Marco Ochoa! With shades named after timeless beauties like Marilyn Monroe & Sharon Tate, how could you really go wrong?

“The Ecobrow Defining Wax, is Marco’s own mineral-based, smudge-proof, paraben-free brow line. Nylon gives this hybrid wax/gel its luxuriously smooth texture & long-lasting, cream-to-powder finish. The unique Ecobrow formula blends & diffuses easily into the brow hair, & contains silica for oil absorption as well as nourishing Vitamin E.”

cocokind brow balm

All you need to know about Cocokind Brow Balm in 5 words: It makes your brows grow!

Yes, you’ve read us right!

Cocokind’s Organic Full Brow Balm delivers key nutrients & antioxidants to hair follicles, improving circulation & promoting thick & healthy brows. Slightly tinted using organic raw cacao powder, it is suitable for all hair colors & helps create full brows with increased definition. Naturally thick brows that are make-up free? Yes please!”

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