Q&A With Shobha Tummala

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Q: What is Shobha all about?

A: Shobha is an indie beauty company specializing in hair removal.  Our team’s mission is to be your #1 choice for hair removal services & products.  We care about the service we provide for you, the products we use on you & the products that we recommend to you.

In this fast-paced time, customer experience & quality control is often lacking or non-existent. We believe in continual improvement in everything Shobha- whether that be our team members, the services we offer, or the products we create.  We strongly believe in educating ourselves & using what we have learned to evolve & grow so we can provide you with simple & practical ways to maintain your hair removal routine.

Currently we have three locations within Manhattan as well as over 25 hair removal & aftercare products.  In addition we also offer certification courses & products for professionals who want to provide these services in their salons.

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