Scary & Hairy

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Happy Halloween!  We’ve all seen (& maybe even had!) some frighteningly overgrown brows, ferocious five o’clock shadows and some terribly bushy…well…bushes. Those are scary indeed, but have you been spooked by the tale of the hairy toe?  (if you are a podiatrist or in the business of giving pedis, I’m sure that you’re seen more than your share!)

Once upon a time, there was an old woman who was looking for food in the forest. She found a big, hairy toe & decided to make hairy toe soup, which was delicious. But, in the middle of the night she heard a deep voice yelling “I want my hairy toe!”. The voice came closer & closer until it was at her door, pounding the door in. A giant, hairy creature appeared & the old woman said “I ate your hairy toe”. The creature responded “Yes you did” & the old woman was never seen again.

There are other versions of the hairy toe story, too with scary people & monsters searching for their fuzzy, hairy, severed appendages.

Boo! Hope you have a happy, hairless Halloween & that you get treats- not hairy toes- in your goodie bag.


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