Shobha Brow Pencil In Sand (Not Just) For Blondes

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You must already have an idea of my obsession with the Shobha Brow Pencil; you also need to know that I cannot stop looking for different ways to use it! The pencil is such a versatile product to me – I can literally use both shades! I use the pencil in sand for my daytime look when I’m going to work or to brunch. I use earth o play up my eyes for the night time when I am going out to dinner or having a night out on the town. It’s up to you how you like your brows, subtle or dramatic!

If you need help determining which shade is right for you, drop in!

Here are some real-life avid sand users:

& I’m off to fill one eyebrow in at a time world,
*sharpens brow pencil*
-Donna Difascino 😉

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