Ooh La La — Eco Friendly Lingerie!

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As we all know, love doesn’t take a vacation & the best way to be prepared for life’s unexpected moments is by scheduling an appointment at Shobha. Plus, with spring right around the corner, it’s important to get out of your winter rut & slip into something flirty.  Here are three of our favorite eco lingerie brands we recommend you pair with your newly hairless parts.  Remember, 48 hours of rest is best after a bikini treatment & that means staying away from the 4 s’s – sex, sauna/steam room, sun & synthetics.  Luckily these options are made with natural, breathable fibers, so you can rock them the same day as your treatment!

Green is the new black & now you can do your part in saving the environment, while still embracing your inner girly – not granny-ness. (read: say sayonara to unflattering granny panties!)

Luva Huva 

This UK brand is super feminine & super comfy ( a double whammy!). Plus they ship to the US.

Stella McCartney 

Leave it to Stella McCartney to create a line of organic lingerie. Kudos to her great work!

Ayten Gasson 

Also a UK brand, Ayten Gasson is 50s inspired glam. We love this line, especially since they ship to the United States.

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