Botox…for Your Bikini?

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About 10 years ago my mother’s friend sat down at lunch & proclaimed to the table that she couldn’t feel her face – that was the first time I had ever heard of Botox. Nowadays, I frequently read stories about people starting Botox regimens in their 20s & if you’re a reality show junkie like me then you’ve seen plenty of “Botox parties” featured on just about every real housewives franchise.  Oh, but it gets better. Recently, a new form of Botox is buzzing on the media circuit & this time the injections aren’t for your beloved face, but for your bikini!

Here at Shobha, the bikini wax reigns supreme (as far as beauty below the belt goes), but for many this form of Botox is taking the nether region to the next level. Vaginal Botox is drastically improving the sex lives of women affected by “vaginismus.” (layperson’s definition of vaginismus:  a condition that causes the vaginal muscles to tense up during sex, causing extreme discomfort & pain.)

This procedure is currently being tested in a New Hampshire (FDA approved) clinical trial. For participants with this rare vaginal condition, Botox has helped them regain & revitalize their sex life. Unfortunately, the procedure is costly at 6 grand & like all Botox treatments, is not permanent, nor is it 100% safe (read:  Botox = botulism = paralysis) . However, for women who have felt the discomfort of sex for years, the procedure can literally be earth-shattering & worth every last penny.


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