An Homage To NYFW Brows

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Fashion Week is officially over (sigh) & our focus is back to spring fashion. However, brows, in particular, seemed to be a hot topic this NY Fashion Week. Although the usual mix of makeup styles were shown, there seemed to be a trend of barely there or look-at-me eyebrows. Jason Wu, we love you, but we also love our eyebrows more. Kudos to your feminine-menswear inspired frocks, but we’d prefer not to look like aliens thanks.

Prabal Gurung, on the other hand, went a completely different route. Anyone else picture the infamous eyebrows of the artist, Frida, when looking at this photo?

Although we support & love great fashion, we have to say it’s best to let your eyebrows fall naturally in between the two styles. Moral of the story: don’t over pluck & don’t be too bushy! Just because it’s on the runway doesn’t mean it’s always the right way!

Totally disagree with me? Then here’s a trendy tip for runway looks for your everyday: if you are itching to try a runway look with your brows, but are weary of committing, do a test run with some help from your makeup bag.  Dab on some foundation or powder (the kind that matches your skin color) for a muted/barely-there brow or for a bolder brow, pencil in some drama. Who knows, maybe you’ll turn me into a believer!

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