How To Be Fresh-Faced in 5 Minutes (The Shobha Way)

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Beauty sleep is a major key to looking your best when you have meetings to attend, errands to run, & after work for drinks with friends. Sometimes we find ourselves up way past our bedtimes binging on our fave TV shows causing us to do to bare minimum in the morning – however, your beauty routine should never suffer! Here are our quick & easy beauty tips to look bright, glowy, & like you’ve got your stuff together (even when you don’t).

Ready. Set. Glow!

Step 1: Start off with a freshly washed face

If you’re in a rush, grab a Rosewater Freshening Cloth to wipe away any leftover makeup from the day before.


Step 2: Pick a stick foundation & apply it

Stick foundations are the ultimate mess-free way to quickly cover the largest parts of your face. Plus, you can easily apply it while on-the-go.

Start by swiping your foundation on the areas that need the most coverage (i.e your cheeks, forehead, chin & any problem areas). Then, grab your makeup applicator & begin to blend out for a flawless complexion.



Step 3: Conceal, conceal, conceal!

We love bags that match our outfits, but not the ones that sit under our eyes. Make sure to use a full coverage concealer & conceal/highlight the key points of your face; under your eyes, bridge of the nose, chin & forehead. For a little more of a glam, use a concealer 1-2 shades lighter than your skin.



Step 4: Pick a multi-purpose product to apply as blush & lip color

The Au Naturale rose gold highlighter is a perfect duo-purpose crème product that will add beautiful color to your lips, cheeks, & highlight areas! If you want to share your glow with your co-workers, you can layer a crème highlight on top of your new rosy cheeks. We love the Au Naturale crème highlighter in original gold.



Step 5: Mascara & brows

While a bold brow is definitely on our must-do makeup list, sometimes we don’t have the extra time that it takes to achieve that look. As a speedy alternative, reach for the Cocokind Organic Brow Balm in your beauty bag. It is the fool proof way for filling in your brows & you can even use your fingertips to apply it! If you find that you have a minute to spare, then we suggest using the Ecobrow to dab, fill & blend to perfection. Lastly, apply mascara only to your top lashes & you’re good to go!


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