Laser 101: Tips On Sun/sunless Tanning Before Your Laser Treatment For Best Results

If you haven’t heard, we’re now offering laser hair removal treatments at Shobha SoHo. Those seeking ultimate hairless happiness Shobha-style can now rejoice & enjoy the long lasting results that you can achieve with Shobha laser.

If you’re new to laser we’ve broken down all the FAQs here & we’ll be breaking them down for you here on this lil ol’blog too. Today’s tips are super important for all you sun/sunless tan worshiping folks wanting to jump on the laser bandwagon.

  • If you haven’t been in the sun or have had minimal sun exposure on the area you wish to laser – you’re all clear to start your laser treatment with no wait time. Yay for you, schedule your appointment now!
  • If you’ve been tanning, exposed to direct sun or have been laying in a tanning bed you’ll need to wait at least three days before you start your laser hair removal treatment to avoid potential injury.  That’s plenty of time to tell a friend about your new laser adventure.
  • For those of you who love a good spray tan, sunless tanner or have fallen victim to a gnarly sunburn we’d love for you folks to wait it out two weeks before you start your laser treatment. & that friends, is called ample time to enter our laser contest to win a free laser treatment (up to a $150 value) on Facebook &/or Instagram.

If you have other questions please comment below or email us at We’d love to hear from you & answer any questions you have.

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