Confessions Of A Laser Lover (A Shobha Laser Testimonial)

We’re laaaahving laser. It’s true we are. We couldn’t be more excited to offer our laser hair removal treatments at Shobha SoHo. Our awesome clients are loving it too! Check out Elizabeth O.’s testimonial about Shobha Laser Hair Removal.

After one laser treatment with Shobha, the hair on my Brazilian area is already much softer & thinner. The treatment was fairly painless, & only took about 10 minutes – much shorter than I was expecting! The woman who did the treatment was extremely nice & professional & made me feel totally comfortable the entire time. Overall, I had a great laser experience at Shobha & would recommend it to all of my friends!

-Elizabeth O.

Thanks for the sweet words Elizabeth!

If you’re sad summer is over, it’s time to get happy because the fall & winter months are the best time to get laser treatments! During these colder months you won’t have to be as strategic about your sunbathing routine (see our tips on tanning & laser here) which leaves more time & flexibility for your new laser regimen. You’ll be especially smooth & hairless by the time summer shows up again. Plus, you’ll love it as much as Elizabeth & we do. Welcome fall with laser & book your appointment at Shobha SoHo now!

PS: Don’t forget there’s still time to enter to win 1 free laser treatment (up to a $150 value) on Facebook &/or Instagram.

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