Why Laser – Why Now?

If you’ve been a long time member of the Shobha Fam, you might remember a time when we were against laser hair removal – yes, against it.  So why have we changed our tune?  This post will hopefully explain.

Laser Technology, Finally Up To Shobha Standards – when laser services first started hitting the salon/spa world there were many lasers that weren’t effective, especially if you had darker skin.  Since many of our own team (including Shobha, our founder & CEO) & our clients have darker complexions, we didn’t feel it was a good option for us to offer since effective results were limited to only those with lighter complexions & dark hair.

Fast forward to today… technology has caught up to our hairless happiness demands!  We can confidently say that, hand downs, our lasers are the best out there, making our treatments safe & effective for a much broader spectrum of skin & hair types.

Shifting Our Focus, A Natural Evolution – for the longest time, we’ve focused on the most natural services for hair removal.  Along with natural, we’ve also made sure our services are the safest & most effective – which we will always continue to do.  However, we’ve decided to expand our hair removal horizons so that we can provide services beyond the super natural, in order to meet our effectiveness requirement.

Truth be told, our team has been keeping a close eye on alternative, less natural options to hair removal, like laser, over the years.  We’ve subjected ourselves (yes, we are the guinea pigs of Shobha – no animals are harmed in our research) to many trial & error adventures at other establishments, including other spas & even doctors’ offices.  We quickly discovered that not all lasers are created equal & that we didn’t want to be forced to choose between watered-down results at a spa or the inconvenience of going to the doctor (long wait times – no thank you).  Yet, after trying laser & experiencing the life changing – super low maintenance, super smooth – results, we felt it was only right to add it to what we do here at Shobha.

Simply put, we’re merging the top-of-the technology with our top notch service standards to take hairless happiness to the next level & we couldn’t be more excited about it!

PS –head over to our Instagram &/or FB page to enter for a chance to win a free treatment!  #myshobhaloveslaser

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