Hairless Wedded Bliss

I tied the knot with my honey on August 5, 2010!

For our honeymoon, we decided to visit the Bay Islands, a trio of small islands off the north east coast of Honduras. It’s a peaceful paradise of beautiful beaches, exotic animals & all the Piña Coladas you can drink.  In other words, it’s a honeymooning couple’s dream.

To prepare myself for my week of fun & sun, (and eek! Bathing suits!), I booked my hair removal appointments two weeks before the big day. Yes, I know that’s a long way out, but I needed to de-fuzz about 75 percent of my body!

Here’s the run-down of my schedule:

  • Monday (four days before the big day): waxing-full arms, underarms (tank tops and halters are the Caribbean standard).
  • Wednesday (two days to go!): waxing-full legs with bikini (a must for the beach!). Threading-eyebrow & lip (for wedding day picture perfection).

At least 48 hours of rest is best (for your skin) after getting any hair removal treatments, especially if you are heading for the beach or if you plan to engage in any strenuous activities (wink, wink).  I also brought along my bottle of Shobha® Ingrown Relief Lotion to ensure I was bump free throughout my honeymoon. .


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