It’s What’s Inside (The Bag) That Counts…

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Welcome to the very first myshobha blog post! The Shobha® Seven (our band of bloggers) vow to keep you posted on hair removal, plus all other super cool stuff that we cannot live without, with the hopes of giving you the inside scoop &/or at the very least make you giggle.

It’s been said that you can really get to know people by the garbage – I mean contents – you find in their bags. & when I say bags, I mean Shobha® Bags. Our team just can’t get enough of these tote-all-your-stuff-gems.

Remember, it’s what’s inside (the Shobha® Bag) that really counts 😉
Xo. Veronica

Blogging alias: Donna Difascino (meaning “charming woman” in Italiano)
What’s in your bag? Random things. Sometimes lunch… then sometimes magazines for the train ride, my planner, sunglasses, etc.
Ultimate superhero power: Mind reader (does that make me creepy?)
What would you wish for on a star? To become a super famous makeup artist!
Omg moment:  When I saw Heidi Montag after her surgery & she couldn’t even cry!
Fave Shobha® product:  exfoliating cloth because it’s so totes awesome & super scrubby. It makes me feel squeaky clean!

Blogging alias: Plain Jenn (because Jenn is the new Jane)
What’s in your bag? It’s my Windex of bags. Everything & anything that doesn’t fit in my gym bag. [read: I am a pack rat.] Recently, I toted food for a party, my laptop, yoga mat…
Gaga or Madonna? There would be no gaga if there was no Madonna. Madonna.
Fave words du jour: Specific & actually.
Fave Shobha® product:  there is always a place in my gym bag for the ingrown relief lotion (because I need it like a horse needs water) & our new rosewater freshening cloths (they’re so multi-purpose, pretty, smell delish, & are super convenient.)

Blogging alias: Jolly Rancher (isn’t it whimsical?)
What’s in your bag? Stuff from my trips to the grocery store & random errand days
Ultimate super hero power: I often ask myself & it’s tied: invisibility & power to fly!
Fave phrase du jour: [insert word(s)] + “dot com”
What’s your fave Shobha® product:  Rosewater freshening cloths!

Blogging alias: Ginet (my real name, I like the spelling)
What’s in your bag? My lunch, I usually buy fruits & nuts & my water bottle.
Super hero power: I would make people happy by smiling at them. Can’t stand to be around people that are always in a bad mood.
What would you wish upon a star for? Health & happiness. (mostly happiness)
Gaga or Madonna? Gaga-she is unique & crazy & keeps me on my diet 🙂
Fave Shobha® product:  Rosewater freshening cloths, absolutely can’t live without them.

Blogging alias: Pink Dawn (a name that has stuck amongst my fellow blogging cyberfriends, but turquoise is actually my favorite color.)
What’s in your bag? I carry my lunch in the bag. The bag is not my lunch.
Ultimate super hero power: I’m a super clutter purger…maybe a tad bit compulsive. In other words, if you set a used napkin down anywhere in my house, it will be transported to the trash in a split second. So fast you can’t even see me do it.
Omg moment: I found a manifesto in my daughter’s room that was the bylaws for a club that was free of both a Kaitlyn & a Kelsea.  Apparently they have frenemies in the first grade.
Fave words du jour: “Bizarre!” …& to my kids: “no”
Fave Shobha® product:  Rosewater freshening cloths hands down. My boyfriend even swipes them from me to clean his face with at bedtime.

Blogging alias:  Stephanie (I think I want a fake name, but haven’t decided on one yet)
What’s in your bag? Lunch. Odds & ends like my phone, shades, lip balm.
Ultimate super hero power: I would want to have a morphing ability like mystique from x-men.
Most recent omg moment? The season finale of grey’s anatomy!!! Omg!
Fave phrase or word du jour: Omg, totes & whatevs
Fave Shobha® product:  exfoliating cloth

Name: Veronica (not my real name but sometimes I pretend it is – so let’s pretend it is.)
What’s in your bag: I can actually get my yoga clothes, flops & rosewater freshening cloths (for post flop wearing cleanup) into the smallest sized bag. Impressive – I know.
Ultimate super hero power: To magically clean, fold & put away my laundry a la I dream of genie-style.
Omg moment: Audrey & Tonia had babies. Lindsey is engaged! Omg my friends are growing up!
Fave words du jour: A-dorable, bee tee dub (btw), cheese & rice
Fave Shobha® product: Defo – rosewater freshening cloths! I stash them anywhere & freshen in a jiff! The scent is so great I rub them on my wrists & neck when I don’t have perfume! It’s fresh, subtle & yummy!

What do you put in your Shobha® Bag?

Want/need a Shobha Bag? Let’s go shopping! Come on in for hair removal or retail therapy at any of our salons to pick one up (or just ask for one at the front desk if you swing by)! Not in nyc?  No worries, shop for products at myshobha.Com & get one with every online order!

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