A Hairy Situation In The Gulf Of Mexico!

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We see hairy situations every day at Shobha® Salons.  Fortunately, Shobha® Specialists expertly rectify those predicaments & all is tidy in your personal grooming universe (for the next month or so).

Hair can also be the solution to a crisis, instead of always being a pesky grooming issue.  Did you know that hair can help with the cleanup of that tragic oil spill in the gulf of mexico?  Matter of Trust  collects donations of hair/fur from people & animals & stuffs it into recycled nylons to create booms & hairmats.  Hair is naturally absorbent, so it sucks up the oil!

Used nylons that have seen better days, clippings on the floor at salons & fur sheared off of pooches at the groomer’s can all be donated to matter of trust!  Just be sure to register on their site first.

As generous as it is of you to want to donate your hair that was removed at your Shobha® Visits, Matter of Trust  can only accept head hair. But, if you want to take a dip in the gulf before your next Shobha®  Appointment & soak up some oil….  or better yet, donate to Matter of Trust!

photo courtesty of matteroftrust.org



-pink dawn

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