What is Shobha?

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Here at Shobha, our team’s mission is to be your #1 choice for natural & effective hair removal services & products.  We care about the services we provide for you, the products we use on you & the products we recommend to you.

In this fast-paced time, customer experience & quality control is often lacking or non-existent. We believe in continual improvement in everything Shobha- whether that be our team members, the services we offer, or the products we create.  We strongly believe in educating ourselves & using what we have learned to evolve & grow so we can provide you with simple & practical ways to maintain your hair removal routine.

Each Shobha® team member is included in our ongoing training process from day 1.  All specialists & salon coordinators must complete & pass the initial training program & then participate in our Shobha® quality assurance process to remain on their path within the team.  The products, whether they are on our retail shelves or in the treatment rooms, are constantly monitored to make sure we are using & recommending products that have the safest ingredients, avoiding all things toxic & unhealthy.  For example, we have introduced Shobha® talc-free powder in our treatment rooms.  (despite its common use even on babies, talc has been linked to cancer & is still found in the majority of baby powders.  It is because of this limited availability of talc-free alternatives that we created our own.)

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