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From Starbucks & Dunkin Donuts to the Corner Coffee Cart & your break room machine, Chai {tea drinks} seems to be popping up everywhere nowadays.  I love Chai, but have always wondered why it tastes so different from shop to shop.  Some are sugary sweet while others are subtly spicy; some are thick & syrupy while others are watery & meek.

So what exactly is Chai supposed to taste like?  I took this question – & several others – straight to the source… our Shobha specialists, who all hail from the prime Chai territory of Southeast Asia!  Here’s what I learned:

  1. ‘Chai’ means tea.  So when you’re ordering a ‘Chai tea,’ you’re actually ordering a tea tea.  Don’t feel stupid…we’ve all done it!  Just remember to say ‘Chai’ next time you order, you’ll show off  how learned you really are.
  2. You can have your Chai anyway you like it!  In India, traditional Chai is robust & full of spices. Here in the states, the interpretation has been much sweeter, with sugary goodness often overpowering traditional spices with flavors of vanilla or chocolate.
  3. Chai has many benefits!  The black tea base is rich in antioxidants & the spices have been used for thousands of years to promote general health & well-being.  According to ayurvedic philosophy, these spices are considered to be calming, vitalizing, mentally clarifying & easing digestion – the perfect antidote to the stresses in your busy life!
  4. Thinking of replacing your coffee with Chai?  It would take about 3 cups of Chai to equal the caffeine in 1 cup of coffee… so while this would cut down on your caffeine intake,  it may also cut down on your alertness!  Make this transition slowly & you should be fine!  If you find yourself sleepless at night, try switching to Chai after noon so that your caffeine jitters have worn off by bedtime.
  5. Mix up your Chai with different flavors & benefits!  Here’s my interpretation of a few Chai options.
    1. Happy Chai – add cardamom, a known mood elevator.
    2. Healthy Chai – add cloves, which have pain-relieving & antiseptic powers.
    3. Fresh Chai – add anise, which is widely used to freshen breath & aids in digestion.
    4. Sexy Chai – add cinnamon, which increases circulation & is a known aphrodisiac, plus reduces bloating.  Perhaps you might also opt to do a fresh & sexy combo, if you’re into multi-tasking 🙂

Get great Chai recipes at here … & remember, if you’re out of sugar, try a dollop of our all-natural Shobha Sugaring Gel to sweeten it up!

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