The Top 10 Things You Never Knew About Shobha!

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Guess what guys?  Shobha is turning 10 in just a few months!  Remember how it felt when you turned 10?  Finally old enough to rule the playground…& realize that, just maybe, the opposite sex isn’t all that yucky anymore!

No doubt about it, turning 10 feels great!  So in honor of us accomplishing that, I thought I’d share 10 things you may not know about Shobha.

  1.  We have a center for young women & girls in India! 
    Since 2006, we have been sponsoring educational projects in India, including sponsoring young women in west Bengal & funding a great inner city program, school on wheels, in Mumbai & Pune!  Now, we are proud to report that we have established the Shobha’s Home For Girls & Women, a home for young women & girls who are orphans.  This home is dedicated to Shobha’s grandparents.  Over the next two years, we have committed to completely fund the facility, creating a safe haven for these wonderful ladies so that they can focus on their studies!
  2. We’ve been in the press over 300 times!
    • Vogue, Allure, Lucky…even Playboy!  & We’ve even had cameos on Rachael Ray & Dr. Oz’s shows, too!
  3. Shobha is a real person
    • … she’s also our founder & CEO, & very cool one at that!  Get to know her
  4. ‘Shobha’ means radiant in Sanskrit!
    • How fitting!
  5. Our brow pencil in ‘sand’ can be used on almost every skin tone!
    • Black, white, purple, doesn’t seem to matter what color you are!  See its versatility for yourself
  6. We started out with 1 chair in a hair salon!
    • Everyone starts somewhere, & we started by renting 1 chair in a SoHo hair salon.  The stairs were rickety & the space was far from posh, but the service was as great then as it is now.  & many of our clients from those days are still with us today!
  7. No one in Manhattan knew what threading was when we started!
    • Threading may seem fairly commonplace now, but when we started 10 years ago, nobody had even heard of it!  Shobha [the person] would even stand on the street corner handing out flyers for folks to come in to try it for free!  Then, once they tried it, they were hooked!
  8. You can eat our sugaring gel!
    • The gel we use in our treatment rooms & sell in our home kit is made of sugar, lemon juice, water & a touch of glycerin.  It’s so natural you can eat it…& some of you already have with our in-salon cocktails!  Want the recipes?  Get’em here.
  9. We love to celebrate everything!
    • Working here is fun for so many reasons, but chief among them is the fact that we celebrate everything!  Not only are there festivities for holidays like Diwali & Shobha de Mayo (read:  our version of Cinco de Mayo), but we also celebrate every team member’s birthday & anniversary!  There’s always a reason to celebrate at Shobha…stay tuned to see what’s in store for our 10th birthday party!
  10. We’ve got big plans for our next 10 years!
    • We’re pumped for all the great things on tap next year…& we look forward to sharing it all with you!  Stay tuned on here, Facebook & Twitter to hear about it all!


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