Bring Out Your Brows!

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Here are some quick tips to make your brows stand out when applying eye makeup:

The complete “going out” version:

  1. Freshly threaded brows are a must.  Don’t let random stray hairs ruin your look! prep lids with your favorite primer
  2. Apply a basic eyeshadow. Depending on day or night, you can add smoke to the crease & the outer tip of your eye.
  3. Outline the bottom of your brow with a neutral matte color, a shade lighter than your brow bone. blend in any harsh edges with a bigger brush when creating the smoky eye look.
  4. Swipe a sparkly shade on brow bone near the arch.
  5. Apply your favorite eyeliner & mascara.
  6. Finish your look with brow pencil. make sure that  both of your brows’ beginning points match. Start by making a backwards 7 & lightly shade in at a 45 degree angle. from the arch, slide the pencil all the way to your ending point.

The quick & dirty version:

  1. Must have freshly threaded brows to start (sorry- can’t skip this step!)
  2. Dab concealer under eyes
  3. Sweep a rosy blush  to the apples of your cheeks
  4. Apply black mascara
  5. Complete with brow pencil (which adds something alluring to your look & makes your eyes the focus!)

All eyes will be on yours!
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