Don’t Let Aftercare Be An Afterthought

Sugaring, waxing, threading, shaving, tweezing, epilating, depilating, lasers…we all know there are a million different ways to remove our hair.  Too bad there are also a million different reactions we can have as a result! Razor burn, irritation, bumps, ingrowns, you name it.  I know firsthand – I’ve been battling the bumps since the 7th grade, when I naively picked up my first pink bic & went to town on my legs.  For years, the aftercare products I tried caused my skin to burn, sting, dry out & flake off… I think the bumps looked better than the aftermath of these ‘cures!’

So what finally worked for me?  Learning to actually be nice to my skin…a novel concept!  It’s ok to attack it with bump-fighting ingredients…as long as you coddle it a little, too.  Try products that calm the skin while they’re attacking the issues.  Calm, moisturized skin will heal itself faster…& help keep issues from popping up in the first place!  What’s not to love?!  I always stick with lotions, gels & creams [Shobha Ingrown Relief Lotion & Rosewater Calming Gel are 2 of my absolute faves!]  they feel indulgent & are gentle on my skin, but still strong enough to get rid of the problem spots.

The way I look at it?  A little sugar + spice will leave the skin nice!

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