Beach Bag Essentials

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With Memorial Day right around the corner, the summer season will finally commence. This means lots of warm weather trips, whether they be to a nearby beach or a far away destination. In fact, my excitement for the weekend has already begun. I’ll be spending my time off “down the shore” (ok, just because I’m from New Jersey, doesn’t mean my shore trips mirror an episode of “Jersey Shore” – although a fist pump from time to time is always fun)!

With this excitement, however, comes the most important question…what the heck am I going to pack for the beach?! Aside from a book, magazine, and mp3 player, here’s my list of beach bag essentials for summer 2011:

  • Sunscreen: baking in the sun is cool for .25 seconds & then you grow old, wrinkle, & wish you had actually worn sunscreen. Try Soleo, an all-natural sunscreen sold in our stores & on
  • A hat: whether floppy or straw, hats are all the rage this season. Plus they are the perfect mate to a good book! (check out this cute & inexpensive David & Young hat at Macy’s)
  • Shobha® rosewater calming gel mini’s: these little guys naturally soothe skin and calm any irritation, which, let’s face it – happens when you’re in a tiny bikini. Bonus: they are super small & disposable. Plus, they double as a reviving facial mask (great for post-sun exposure).
  • Chapstick: a must-have beach bag essential. It protects during the day & keeps your lips totally kissable at night. Burts bee’s chapstick is great to use & good for you too!
  • Shobha® rosewater freshening cloths: ever sweat on the beach? Yeah, I thought so. These babies are great for freshening up, wiping off makeup, and come in handy when there’s no toilet paper around (ha, yeah I said it)!
  • Sunglasses: need I say more? Everyone loves a classic ray ban. Ray ban is to sunglasses like oreos are to milk, macaroni is to cheese…I could go on forever!

Hugs & hairless happiness,


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