Celebrity Brows That Wow!

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Bold, beautiful brows are the theme of today’s blog post! Not too thin or too hairy, the full brow can be breathtaking if achieved (as you can see below!).  Check out my picks for my favorite celebrity brows. Remember, these brows can be yours too! All you need is a little brow rehab. Plus, with summer right around the corner, this is the perfect time to head into Shobha & let your eyebrows grow free!

  1. Camilla Belle: once linked to Joe Jonas, (2nd row to the right) Camilla has eyebrows to die for. Google “celebrity brows” & she almost always comes up first.
  2. Chace Crawford: no wonder why all the girls on Gossip Girl are always vying for his attention.
  3. Hayden Panettiere: bold brows on blondes can be hard, but Hayden, my dear, does it well.
  4. Chris O’Donnell: from Robin in Batman to a Jason Bourne esque character in NCIS: LA., Chris is just hot, hot, hot!
  5. Megan Fox: Megan may be outspoken, but her brows will never be hated!
  6. Joe Jonas: voted best eyebrows by the graduating class of Disney. (ha!)
  7. Lea Michele: you are magical on Glee & those are diva worthy brows!
  8. Colin Farrell: these brows are straight up mysteriously hot.
  9. Lauren Conrad: she wins for most improved brow & maybe classiest reality TV show star ever?


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