Don’t Let This Be You This Memorial Day! Gah-ross!

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Got extra hair like this lady? It’s okay, we’ve got extra hours! Avoid being a beach embarrassment this Memorial Day; we’re open extra early & extra late Wednesday, May 25th to Friday, May 27th. Our added hours will help you get prepared for one of the biggest beach days of the year! Can you smell the sun, sand & margaritas already??

Just simply schedule your appointment by phone or online – it’s that easy! Lets be honest, it beats having to remember to pack a razor. (one year my friend went to the beach and only remembered to shave one armpit?! So, even if you do remember the razor, it doesn’t mean that you’ll always remember to shave everything off. Random, but sometimes true!) plus, without your razor, you won’t have to risk getting icky razor bumps *sigh of relief.* so make sure to start this summer off right – hair-free & care-free of course!

Check out our holiday hours here:


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