Are Your Cosmetics Safe?

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are cosmetics safe

We recently came across more ugly information about cosmetics laws in the United States & only felt it necessary to share these facts with our Shobies out there:

  • 1 – The number of pages out of the 112 pages of Food & Drug Standards in the United States that is dedicated to cosmetics.
  • 11 – The number of ingredients out of the 12,500 chemical ingredients used in cosmetics that the FDA prohibits for use.
  • 1,300 – The number of ingredients restricted/banned for cosmetic use in the European Union.
  • 1938 – The last time a cosmetics law was passed in the United States.
  • $60 billion – The dollars generated by the cosmetics industry in the United States in 2015.

These numbers don’t add, even with a calculator – learn more about cosmetic safety & support the campaign for safe cosmetics, check out  Also, breathe easy that here at Shobha we only carry products that are made with safe & the most natural ingredients. #phew

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