How Sweet is Sugaring?


Our Shobha Sugaring Treatments have been getting a lot of on-screen buzz lately (if you haven’t already – watch our recent TV appearances on Good Morning Washington & Let’s Talk Live)- & we couldn’t more excited!

Sugaring is definitely the sweetest form of hair removal (pun intended) & the smooth, hair-free results aren’t too shabby either!

One of the main reasons we love sugaring so much is that it still delivers the same amount of beauty with less amount of pain! Sugaring, while it resembles waxing, has an all-natural formula that is gentler on the skin, meaning it pulls less during the removal part, but still gets the hair out by the root for long lasting smoothness.

Want to know a little more about sugaring? Get the scoop from DC Refined, they cover all the basics here. Or come in & try it out for yourself! Book an appointment today (or visit us for a complimentary patch test if you’re on the fence) & thank us later.

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