Vaginas: The New Obsession

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Warning:  This post is PG-13 – Think puberty & older.

Have you noticed the new obsession that recently emerged? These trends have one thing in common & that one thing is the vagina!  Face it, nowadays whether we’re talking hair removal, smooth skin, accessories or festivities – it is all about the vagine!

Now there are some new female-inspired creations giving the vagina monologues a run for its money…

For starters, vaginas are now edible – yeah, you read that right, you can eat a VAGINA… cupcake!

If you don’t have much of a sweet tooth, you can always invest in some vagina stationery! Etsy member Snew, who originally made her stationery with male genitalia, has moved on to highlight vaginal anatomy.

The newest & most talked about craze is VAJAZZLING! Celebrities like Jennifer Love Hewitt have admitted to being a fan of this treatment. She even said, “it looks like a disco ball down there.” To the layperson, vajazzling (a.k.a. glam for your clam, glitz for your lady bits) is a technique in which Swarovski crystals, forming various pretty shapes, are glued onto your precious china. Have you blinged your bikini yet?

For some, the bush is back & it’s back in color!  Now you can choose from many colors to help your carpet match the drapes or you can opt for something a little flashier – like hot pink, which is apparently a popular pick of mid-west soccer moms.

Last but not least, is a more subtle approach to this vagina revolution!  Simon Wald-Lasowski’s bag, ’pink beauty’ helps make a more subtle statement with your clothes on with this practical pouch.

until next time, donna difascino <3

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