Shobha Sugaring Kit

Tips and Tricks to effectively use the Shobha Sugaring Kit!

Thank you to everyone that has bought the sugaring kit over the last few months! We want to make it as easy as possible for you to continue your hair removal routine at home if you are just starting.  After doing some consultations with a few of you, we have realized that a lot of folks are having the same question or issue so we created some tips and tricks for using your sugaring kit to make it easier.

Challenge: The sugaring wax doesn’t seem to be working

We know DIY waxing can be tricky, especially if you aren’t experienced at hair removal. Rest assured, sugar wax works!  We have been using it in our salons for over 15 years on thousands of clients.  With a few simple tweaks of how you are using it, we will get you on the road to hairless happiness too!

Tip: Check the following to use your sugar wax to its highest potential (consistency, application, adherence, quick removal):

Consistency – Make sure sugar wax has a honey-like consistency. Do not overheat the sugar wax. Heat the jar with the top removed in the microwave for 30-35 seconds. The consistency should not be watery.

Application – Apply sugar wax in a thin, consistent layer. Don’t put too much sugar wax on your skin that it is going through the fabric strip.

Make sure the sugar wax adheres to the fabric strip – Press the strip firmly wherever you’ve applied sugaring wax.  Rub back and forth a few times to make sure it adheres well.

Use force when removing the strip – don’t just peel it off. Make sure you use force when pulling the fabric strip so it removes quickly and thoroughly; don’t just pull it back gingerly

Challenge: I am getting a lot of ingrown hairs and/or my hair is growing back quickly

Tip: Apply the sugaring wax in smaller sections – When you apply the sugar wax to in large strips and try to remove the hair, sometimes the hair breaks instead of it being removed from the root.  Unfortunately, this can result in the hair growing back faster and/or ingrown hairs because the hair is breaking under the skin and then getting trapped underneath.  Apply the sugar wax in small sections and pull your skin taut and remove the hair. That will ensure that all the hair is being removed from the root.

Tip: Trim hair that is too long – Another reason the hair could be breaking is that the hair is too long.  If your hair is longer than a quarter-inch, we recommend trimming it.  It will ensure you remove the hair from the root, but it will also reduce the pain that you feel.

Challenge: I am getting some bruising when I remove the hair

Tip: Pull your skin taut while removing the strip to prevent bruising and minimize discomfort. The skin is being pulled when you are removing the strip if you are not pulling your skin taut resulting in bruising especially if the skin is loose in the area.  The most common areas to bruise are under your arms and bikini area.

Challenge: I can’t visualize what it looks like

Tip: Watch our videos on IG TV – @myshobha or our youtube channel – Shobha Hair Removal. It really helps to see what the process looks like once!

Challenge: I’m not sure how to clean my muslin/denim strips

Tip: Hand-wash fabric strips for reuse. Another great benefit of sugaring over waxing is that the sugar wax is water-soluble.  We recommend hand-wash versus throwing the strips in the washing machine.

Challenge: I’m making a mess

Tip: To avoid drips – Dip your spatula in the container of sugar wax, wipe sugar wax from one side of the spatula and then slowly twirl the spatula until you are ready to apply.

Challenge: I spilled some sugaring wax on my counter/jar/tub

Tip: Warm water easily cleans up spills. Because the sugar wax is water-soluble, you can use a wet washcloth and a bit of soap and it will all come off.

Challenge: I am still having trouble getting the technique down

Tip: Sign up for our free consultation sessions via email/phone/video so we can give you 1:1 help.  We know this can be tricky sometimes and want to make it as easy as possible for you!




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