[Repost] A Loyal Love – My First Shobha Brazilian Wax

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We absolutely love reading blog posts about your experiences at Shobha  (especially the ‘my first waxing’ kind)!

Tammy, also known as A Loyal Love, is a creative blogger with a love for fashion, photography & learning new things.  While she’s no newbie to Shobha (check out ‘em brows), she is a brand new Brazilian waxee!

In her recent “My First Brazillian Wax” post she goes in depth about her first time as well as how she rubbed elbows with our founder & CEO, Shobha Tummala.  Besides being an entertaining read, we also love how Tammy described the our newest location (Shobha Rockville Pike):

“The brand new Rockville location is especially beautiful because it is the first location to have a whole new modern look with rose gold accents & white leather threading chairs. It’s the most sophisticated place I’ve ever had hair removed from my body.”

Click here to check out Tammy’s awesome blog  (& the full post).  Plus, make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Snapchat, @myShobha, for all that is #hairlesshappiness!

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