New Sugar Scrubs at Shobha!

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new sugar scrubs at shobha

Exciting news! We’ve got new skincare products coming to our salons- yayy! Let’s have a warm Shobha Welcome to Deep Steep!

If you couldn’t tell already, here at Shobha we have a deep love for scrubs (especially the sugary kind). From facial scrubs to sugar polishes, smooth skin is a top priority on our list. Deep Steep is a gluten free, cruelty free, non-gmo & vegan skincare brand that creates delicious scented body products. A couple of our personal favorite deep steep sugar scrubs includes the lemongrass sugar scrub, & their brand new pure coconut, coconut oil sugar scrub.

Keep scrolling to check out some of the sneak peek deep steep products that we’ll be carrying!

pure coconut oil sugar scrub
grapefruit argan oil sugar scrub
lilac blossom argan oil sugar scrub
lavendar chamomile argan oil sugar scrub
lemongrass shea sugar scrub

fresh honey sugar scrub

Definitely make sure to stop by your nearest Shobha Salon & give them a try!

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