Pre-Game For Spring Break With A Shobha® 6-pack!

You read that correctly we have Shobha® 6-packs – for services, not beers or crunches for your abs although we shouldn’t say no to either. Kick start your spring break with a Shobha® 6-pack to prep for smooth sailing for the rest of the summer. Our Shobha® 6-packs will keep you & your appearance on a polished path! Each  package has been designed to create a simple grooming regimen to ensure your upkeep with a bonus of savings! The more you buy, the more you save! So for those of you who plan to be bikini clad for the next 5-6 months this savings is for you.

In even better news, they never expire so you can use your pre-paid services as you please. Get the rest of the nitty gritty on these package deals here & if you’re a commitment-phobe we also offer Shobha® 3-packs!

Happy spring break (read: lucky you)!

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