Joya Dass: Founder Of LadyDrinks

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Joya Dass helms a robust women’s networking initiative called LadyDrinks here in New York City & she’s a friend of the Shobha team. Here’s a quick q&a sesh about what she’s up to & how you can get involved with LadyDrinks this summer.

Q: What does LadyDrinks have going on this summer?
A: we have a very exciting June stacked up with events. June 18th, I’m hosting one of my favorite favorite authors Laura Vanderkam. She’s’ written a series of time management books including her latest, “I know how she does it.” this will be a 15 woman curated dinner at Vermillion. I’ll conduct a q&a with Laura & then each woman gets to introduce themselves & their respective enterprises.

Q: What’s the main mission of LadyDrinks?
A: One of the main missions of LadyDrinks is that it works to champion the South Asian female entrepreneur. Thursday, June 25th, I’m hosting a fashion show where 16 South Asian women who are employed in STEM fields are walking.

Q: Fun! Can you tell us more about this fashion show?
A: The show will work to elevate, illuminate, & celebrate women who don’t work in traditionally glamorous fields, but are worthy of putting up on a pedestal as there will be 8 million jobs in STEM fields by the year 2018 & the onus is on us to make sure our girls are educated & skilled enough to occupy them. The proceeds from the event will go towards one young girl at the Boys & Girls Club Newark who aspires to study in a stem field. So the more people come, the bigger the scholarship for her!

Get the scoop on all LadyDrinks events here & be sure to follow Joya Dass on Instagram & LadyDrinks on Facebook.

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