Make Recycled Art With Scrapkins & Your Shobha Brow Pencil Boxes

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Remember when we introduced you to the talented Candice Crawford who helped us warm up our cat eyes for summer? Well today we’re sharing the work of her creative other half, Brian Yanish, the founder of Scrapkins. Scrapkins is a recycled arts school that’s teaching our youth (& us!) how to create art out of everything materials that we would normally toss.

Last week Brian tagged us in this Instagram video. At first, we were simply in awe of his duck with flapping wings. Then, upon closer inspection we realized he recycled our Shobha Brow Pencil box (which is made of stones not paper by the way) for the adorable duck’s beak & we were swooning over it.

If you want to make great art like this or know a child that would (& should) you’re in luck because there is a Scrapkins book that teaches you how you can make these inventive creations at home with your own trash. Buy it here & then follow Scrapkins on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter so you can become part of this amazing movement by sharing your work & ideas.

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