Instant Quick Fixes For Brow Boo Boos

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Wow it’s 2014! Happy New Year to you!

What’s your 2014 resolution? Is it to be nicer to your brows? How about resolving to let your brows grow so that our brow experts can whip them into shape for the new 2014 you?!

Let’s be real, growing out anything (a bad hair cut, traumatized brows, etc) is not fun.  Luckily there’s fun hats that are en vogue & awesome tricks to mend a brow boo boo with just some brow pencil.

Here they are broken down into 2 quick fixes!

  • To thicken brows, draw a line on top using your feather like technique of drawing in individual hairs for a natural look.  Don’t forget to blend with a brow brush or angled makeup brush.
  • To fill in sparse brows, use reverse strokes targeting skin between hairs. Think of your brow pencil as foundation for your brows so you’re beefing up the support system underneath to make the brow hair you do have work for you.
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