Brow Basics To Know When Applying Brow Pencil

Maybe you’ve never used a brow pencil before because you just don’t know how to use it. Well friends, learning to use a brow pencil is a rite of passage. Once you learn you won’t remember how your brows lived without it.

When first picking up your brow pencil, make sure the point is sharp. If it’s not – sharpen it. Since you’re Shobha® Brow Pencil is in the cap of your pencil this becomes an effortless step.

Next, hold the pencil comfortably between your fingers like you are going to write a letter. Not so bad is it? Just like holding a pencil!

Approach your brow with conviction but be gentle.  Use feather strokes, as if you’re drawing in individual hairs. This will give a much more natural appearance. Opt not to trace the shape of your brow that would look far from natural.

Start with a lighter color & stroke. We currently offer two shades of brow pencil – sand & earth.

If you’re getting the hang of this & desire a bolder brow – go ahead layer some more on using the same technique you’ve been using.

To achieve the ultimate natural brow brush your brows with a brow brush. This is evenly distribute the color, soften any harsh edges & tame any unruly hairs.

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