I Finally Went To Brazil

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That’s me after my first Brazilian a few weeks ago with Seri at Shobha® SoHo. Although, I’ve had my legs & arms waxed/sugared before, I could never build up the courage to move down south. Well, I finally found that courage & here’s what I thought…

  1. Seri was wonderful! I felt insanely awkward about the situation, especially since we work together. But as soon as I entered the room, I felt better because she was super sweet. (Despite the endless pages of bikini tips I’ve read online for work, everything completely slipped my mind when I laid on that waxing bed!)
  2. Seri made it a point to give me specific instructions… I was like shoes? I didn’t even think about what I was supposed to do with these things! *phew*
  3. Seri also asked me about my previous hair removal experience. I told her that I shave daily & she didn’t even judge me. (score!)
  4. The wax was super quick (15 min.), which was amazing because after the first rip I thought I might die.
  5. I didn’t mind the positions & I was ecstatic I didn’t have to go on all fours. (it’s only ok for your significant other to see you at this angle.)
  6. The Shobha® Rosewater Freshening Cloths afterward were also life changing! When people on yelp! Call it a facial for your vag, they aren’t kidding.

Overall, I’m not gonna sit here & lie to you & say it isn’t painful. It definitely is. Especially the first time around. But luckily it gets better. It’s also worth it to not have redness & gross ingrowns. I’m even considering breaking up with my razor.

(disclaimer: that’s not really me above, but that’s tots how I felt!)

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